Introduced A Class Of Formals To Get You An Executive Look

Introduced A Class Of Formals To Get You An Executive Look

Fashion plays a major role in our lives; it lies among those basic things that make us different from all the other species in this world. Not only that, but fashion also allows us to appear different from one another. Everyone indeed has their unique sense of style but what’s also true is that fashion builds on that factor and helps us stand out from the crowd. However, despite making us look typical, fashion also has rules that keep us in check and prevent us from going berserk.

In the world of fashion, these rules are also known as trends. Different trends are followed by men and women every day; however, the versatility in women’s fashion is way more than in men’s fashion.

Men's wardrobe is often viewed as boring and more restrained, and there are good reasons behind it. One of the main reasons men’s fashion is considered less exciting is that men themselves don’t put much effort into their appearance. Most men are unwilling to push the boundaries of fashion because they are afraid of experimenting and being seen as an attention-seeker. This is why most men prefer functional clothing or like wearing practical clothes for everyday use.

However, that should not be the case because men’s wardrobe is not as limited as it is portrayed. There are different ways for a man to embrace changing trends and wear something tasteful. If you, too, are a man reading this, then there is good news for you because today, we will help you revamp your entire wardrobe by suggesting a few items that are a must for your wardrobe.

The best part about this is that you wouldn’t have to compromise on the outfit’s functionality and sophistication. We say this because these wardrobe essentials are mostly formal, and formal clothing is considered a man’s forte.

1- A Suit

A man wearing a suit is like a knight in shining armor; a suit is the most basic thing a man can have in his wardrobe. It is own of those things that separate a man from a boy. Whether you have to go to a professional meeting or a family event, a suit is there to save your skin. One of the best things about suits is that you can wear them repeatedly; however, you must ensure that you have a suit that fits you perfectly and is not outdated.

Ideally, when you think about buying a suit, you would think of something that gives off a premium vibe, but a problem that most men face is that they don’t know the right combinations. This is where we come in as we recommend you add the Basil Green suit to your wardrobe; the Basil Green suit has the perfect subtle vibe guaranteed to make heads turn.

This brings us to our next point: what should you wear with your Basil Green suit to make a perfect classy combination?

  • White Shirt


White liner shirt

Despite being on the rise, most people consider green suits intimidating, which is why you would need something in your wardrobe that is plain and sophisticated to match. The first and most obvious recommendation for you would be a good old white shirt, specifically the French White Liner. A French

White Liner can provide the quickest way to dress up any suit, and a Basil Green suit is no exception.

The best part about pairing a French White Liner with a green suit is that it is crisp and fits well to elevate the suit to the next level. To complete the look, you can add a brown tie to your wardrobe, and the reason for this is that brown would add a natural and earth vibe that would match with a green that has the same undertone.

  • United Blue Shirt


Greece blue liner shirt for men

Adding a pale blue shirt to your wardrobe to match your Basil Green suit would be a bold move. A Greece Blue Liner with a green suit is a guaranteed chic combination; however, it also depends on how you pull it off.

A blue shirt would be a good option to pair with a green suit because it will tone down the green of the suit and make it feel more neutral. Apart from this combination, you must carefully coordinate all other aspects of your outfit.

  • Solitaire Black Shirt


Solitaire black liner shirt for men

You must have seen this because a black shirt with a suit is just as common as a white shirt. A black shirt will not only overwhelm anything with light, but it will also help accent the green in the suit and make it more visible. Paring your Basil Green suit with a Solitaire Black Liner is another appropriate look with this shade of green. The combination of a Solitaire Black Liner with a green suit is guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd.

2- An Oxford Shirt

Oxford blue shirt for men

An oxford shirt is an essential mens wardrobe item; it is one shirt that looks good on you regardless of your age. The reason why we put an oxford shirt on this list is that almost everyone looks good in it and because it is extremely practical for everyday use. An oxford shirt is so versatile that you can pair it with suits for formal occasions and a pair of jeans.

You can choose from a massive array of color styles, but our suggestion would be the Wrinkle Blue Oxford Shirt. Most plain blue shirts can get boring quickly, but with a Wrinkle Blue Shirt, you would be better than most men.

3- A Nice Pair of Slacks

Royal oxford blue pants for men

Since most men need to get fancier sometimes, a nice pair of slacks is a must for such occasions. To achieve a crisp appearance, you must iron them down from the middle and pair them down with colors like back, white and brown. The Royal Oxford Blue pants are some of the best trousers you can choose for this purpose.

4- A Pair of Shorts

Ocean navy shirt for men

A pair of shorts are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. All you have to do is look for something just above your knees. You can pair your shorts with almost any top, from polos to t-shirts. They create a perfect look for every warm-weather event; however, if you are looking for an idea for your next look, we suggest pairing your shorts with a printed shirt. An Organic Ocean Navy shirt with a pair of khaki shorts would make the perfect combination for your next summer event.

5- Slim Fitted Jeans

A pair of jeans always looks good when it fits you in a nice, slim way from your waist to your ankles. There are many fits available in the market; however, the slim fit is arguably the best fit you can get for jeans nowadays. The black and blue jeans are versatile and can be paired with almost all types of outfits.

6- Socks

Socks are one of the most neglected things in a men’s wardrobe; however, nowadays, socks are more famous than ever. You can choose a simple pair of monotone socks or make a statement with some boldly printed socks. Whatever the care, a pair of nice socks are a must-have for every man out there.

7- Accessories

Another thing that most men don’t give attention to is our accessories, whether it be a watch, a tie, or a pair of cufflinks. They are guaranteed to make you look better than others and boost your outfit tremendously.

Final Note

These were the items that are a must for a men’s wardrobe. However, these are merely some ideas as a massive world exists for you to explore. You must ensure that you don’t stay limited to these options and items and keep finding things that suit your personality and make you look unique. You must never be too scared to experiment; however, if you want to play it safe while experimenting, try to stick to the classics because classics never go old and go out of fashion.

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