In the modern workplace, we believe ‘Smart Wins’. Smart behavior, smart advice and, of course, smart clothes. Ever since we created the first modern shirt with buttons down the front, and opened our store, we’ve made it our mission to help men dress and work smart.


Our range is impeccably woven with temperature-regulating 100% King of Egyptian Cotton, ‘GIZA’ with 28 Stitches per Inch to give you an edge of smart style.


At Durins’ Placket, we advise on how to dress for the modern workplace. Whether you visit our outlet or online store, you’ll find we’re passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable and specialist in how to ‘work smart’.


We know that one size doesn’t fit all and to look smart you need clothes that fit you impeccably. That’s why our shirts come in different fits, seven collar styles and cuff options.

"The Durins’ Placket brand is not only fashionable, but operates ethically too. Linked to the international human rights movement, all factories manufacturing any of our products must comply with a strict code of audited conditions. These encompass amongst other issues, minimum wages, hours of work, freedom of association, non-discrimination, no forced or child labor, health and safety standards plus environmental conditions. So you look good and feel good too."


Being smart also means delivering customers ‘smart value’. Our great quality clothes have been expertly made from the finest fabrics and we sell them at unbeatable prices. Something we know that our customers value highly.