Smart Dressers Guide: How to Match Your Trousers With Formal Shirts

Smart Dressers Guide: How to Match Your Trousers With Formal Shirts

As soon as the month of May hits the calendar, an uneasy feeling starts striking our minds, and the planning of summer begins. Why? Because people cannot even imagine wearing something thick when the sun is showing a somewhat aggressive attitude. New season calls for new gear. In the present era, a man’s wardrobe deserves the same attention as a woman’s closet because combating the hot weather is challenging, and men are equally conscious of staying stylish.

With the summer season taking over the major parts of the world, it is quite important to explore men summer fashion trends. This is because, in the existing modern society, a single outfit is not enough for you to pass the whole season. You are the chap of today, and you should try different combinations and dress up to impress. And this spicing up of your outfits will definitely give you the much-needed confidence and a look that steals the show.

Men Summer Fashion trends – Exploring the most popular options of the season

Staying classy is the need of the hour, and so we have come up with the most trendy ideas that will give you a celebrity look even in this scorching heat. So let’s delve into the styles that have taken over the fashion world in the summer season too.

Go for Whites

Pearl White shirt for men

White has always been a symbol of peace and love. Plus, it’s been in fashion for ages and still enjoys a prime position in the hearts and minds of people. Plus, it looks good on everyone. Moreover, white reflects heat, and so it efficiently combats the temperature, giving you a soothing feeling.

Apart from all this, it offers a neat and fresh look every time, and it is a color that you can wear every single day. And what’s more? It fits well in both casual and formal shirts.

So if you are looking for a precious white piece, this pearl white shirt from our collection can prove to be a fine addition to your wardrobe. It goes well with every color, and so you can pair it up with your favorite pants this summer season. Plus, its easy-to-iron option will save you from spending so much time removing the creases during this warm period. The superior quality fitting and full sleeves will offer you comfort throughout the day. So make it a part of your summer essentials. When you wear it to your office, you will definitely impress your team while feeling relaxed.

Light colors are your best friends

Orchid shirt for men

Just like white, light colors are also bad conductors of heat, and so they are your best companions in the warm weather. Also, lighter shades are soothing to the eyes of the observer. So follow the men summer fashion trends religiously and go for soft tones rather than the bolder ones, which add to the misery in the heat. In addition to this, lighter hues seem weightless, giving you a gentle feeling as you carry them on your bodies.

Lighter colors also fit well in all settings and can be paired with almost everything, saving you from spending hours in coming up with a suitable combination. So adding lighter colors to your summer clan is definitely a worthy investment.

This orchid in weave shirt will keep your masculinity alive along with giving you a serene feeling in the hottest months. And the boy inside you will be satisfied too. Its texture and color are just perfect for survival in even the warmest temperatures. So time to wave buy to your routine colors and try this new shade that offers you a look that you will cherish for years.

Pay attention to the fabric

Parker brown pants for men

Summer has the impression of being a bright and wonderful season, but it gets challenging to keep up with the latest mens summer fashion 2022 trends and maintain a polished appearance as the weather begins to mess with your sweat glands. But then, when you have a lot of options up your sleeves, you don’t really have to suffer. Even if the temperature rises, it is possible to look elegant and fashionable without sweat patches during the heatwave by making smart fabric choices.

A good trendy option is wearing cotton and similar lightweight fabrics that give your skin enough room to breathe. Plus, you can maintain a high level of style through the crisp look that they offer.

So opt for our parker brown straight pants and enjoy the summer season like a young lad. They are made with soft cotton along with being stretchy to offer you 100 percent comfort. The gabardine weave and slim flit feature make this pair a perfect choice for stylish people like you. So time to put all your summer fears aside. These pants will prove to be your favorite companions in all your casual and formal gatherings.

Add prints to spice up your look

Royal Blue shirt for men

Following casual mens summer fashion trends can be boring as you prefer wearing the same worn-out clothes to get a soothing feeling. In such weathers, your Pajamas, t-shirts, and sleepwear instantly become your friends. But then you need to add something unique to your wardrobe to make you the star of the season. This is where prints come to the rescue. Well, you might be wondering that men and prints don’t go well. They do, and the heroes of today also prefer men fashion shirts and pants to add an exclusive touch to their attire.

First of all, it’s worthy to note that printed shirts can go well with everything on the planet. Moreover, they can transform your appearance from mediocre to interesting along with giving you the autonomy to have fun with colors and designs and breaking up your neutrals.

The Royal Azure Paisley gives a new definition to the blue color. Its shade and pattern are just perfect for the summer season, and the best part is that pairing it up is so convenient, and it can fit anywhere. So even if you plan to wear shorts for most of the season, this shirt is suitable to match them and will get you noticed immediately.

opt for the best heat controlling gear

Apart from paying attention to your clothing, it is also required that you invest in all the useful accessories like sunglasses, a cap, and a pair of light-weight sandals or slippers. Without them, the season cannot even be imagined. Remember to go for high-quality gear as these will be your partners for long and will bear the huge responsibility to battle the sun.

In the case of caps, the fabric and color are important as they need to protect your face and other parts from sunlight. Also, make sure to choose the best footwear as you are going to wear it for most of the time, and so comfort in all seasons is important. But while you choose your accessories, make sure to go for something that complements your outfits.

Parting thoughts

Gone are the days when summer was just confined to t-shirts and shorts. The modern male of today wants to carry the latest men summer fashion trends and stay comfortable and stylish at the same time.

In the end, it’s all about your personal preference. But we hope that you will give these trends a try and stay up to date with what is in fashion to enjoy the dreamy look that you have always craved for.

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