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When we talk about the appearance of someone, it is directly associated with the kinds of clothes they are wearing. ‘How do you look?’ is what defines your personality. It is essential to choose the right clothes for the right occasion. Imagine wearing a casual, informal shirt to a wedding or an official meeting. Your first impression will go in vain.

Men or women, style is a depiction of who you are. The code of conduct plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. When we talk about men’s fashion with shirts, there are several choices they need to make. The collection of shirts must include casual shirts, formal shirts, professional business attire, or the attire that is your go-to option.

This article revolves around the variety of striped shirts for men that are perfect for casual wear. This includes the options you have from the collection Durins’ Placket.

1- Breton Blue stripes

Blue striped shirts for men

Are you looking for a casual shirt that is good to go for a run on the errands or to meet your friends? This Breton Blue stripes shirt is all that you need.

These stripes are not contemporary styled stripes but carry a unique pattern. The combination with white gives the shirt a bright look that leaves you in awe. The shirt offers superior quality fabric with a regular fit. Beat the ordinary with swag by choosing this blue striped shirt.

For a completely casual look, you can pair it up with:

  • Navy blue Jeans
  • Breton blue stripe shirt
  • A pair of sneakers

Wow! You have pulled on a nice, cool boyish look with this shirt. Roll up your sleeves and leave the collar button open. Put your style game on point with Durins’ fantastic collection. Mesmerize people around you with this simple yet sexy look.

2- Awning Cherry Stripes

Red striped shirts for men

Gone were the times when red was considered only for girls. Today, red is a desirable color for men. Experience something different with this red striped shirt for men at Durins’ Placket.

This shirt is a breath of fresh air for your drool-worthy closets. It was straight stripes that equally divided the shirt into red and white, making it perfect for occasions like Valentines Day. White is a color that adds to everything. This red striped shirt will enlighten your day with the most casual, semi-formal look.

For a complete look, pair it up with:

  • White jeans
  • White sneakers
  • Awning Cherry Stripes Shirt

Add a pair of sunglasses to give a classy touch. Sunglasses can never go wrong but make you look handsome.

Experience different colors for your attire, and let your magic do wonders. Add this unique stripe shirt to your closet and revamp your style game.

3- Bayadere Green Strips

Green striped shirts for men

Dark colors are mostly preferred for night events or winters; however, there is no specification of colors according to the season. You definitely can rock a dark color shirt in the summers. Green is a color that most men prefer. This green stripe shirt with a combination of black will keep you hooked up. Most of the shirts are combined with white, but these black stripes make the sweater look different.

The shirt is an exquisitely beautiful piece that will make you look handsome. It is an informal style shirt that is perfect for casual outings. The shades of green and black compliment each other and let you sink into the world of fashion.

Casual does not mean going old-style. Rock the casual attire with this striped shirt at Durins’.

For a complete look, choose:

  • A blue or white denim
  • Bayadere Green Stripes
  • A pair of joggers or sneakers

Let the free buttons under the collar of your shirt open and channel the right sassy feels. Let the girls fall for you with the fashion you move forward. Be nothing but the sexiest hunk in town.

4- Big Royal Blue Stripe

Royal blue striped shirts for men

Blue is an essential color for men. Talk about formal to casuals; blue is all about men. When you see blue, men/boys hit right to your mind. This striped shirt combined with white, offering big large stripes, is a great pick this season.

This shirt gives you the royal feel with the finest quality material. It offers a rounded cotton hem. An ensemble that is a definite choice for most of the men. If you are looking for something to move out casually with, this Royal blue striped shirt is the best option to make.

For a complete look:

  • White chinos
  • Big Royal Blue Stripe shirt
  • A pair of sneakers

You can add a cap to your look, and wow! Rock this relaxed look in style and be the trendsetter. You be You and make your style game strong. The watch will be eye-catching, captivating attention towards you.

5- Soothing Candy Stripes

Candy striped shirts for men

White is a color that brightens your day and lifts your mood. A white outwear is necessary for every wardrobe. Men’s closets are incomplete without a white shirt. This is a soft white shade shirt with colorful stripes.

The shirt has different stripes that make you stand out in a crowd. It is one of the stripe dress shirt kind of style which can be used for multipurpose. You can wear it as a formal shirt at the office and choose to wear it as a casual item.

For a complete look, pair it up with:

  • Blue denim
  • Soothing Candy Stripes
  • Loafers

Kill a party, or choose this as your next friend’s hangout outfit and channel the more great vibes. Roll up your sleeves and let the atmosphere heat up with your look for the eye-candy feels. Captivate attention with the simple yet elegant look of all. Stand out in a crowd and let others follow your style.

6- Distilled Liner Amazon striped shirt

Distilled liner striped shirts for men

Are you done with the blacks and blues? Looking for something different that is eye-catching? Get your hands on this colorful striped shirt at Durins’ semi-formal shirts collection.

This shirt is a mixture of green, purple, and white. A unique piece that helps you stand out in a crowd.

Add colors to your closet, which ultimately lifts your mood. Rock on this cool shirt casually walking down the streets with a class of its own.

For a complete look:

  • White or blue denim
  • Distilled liner amazon shirt
  • A pair of converse

Wow! You look great with this casual style. This shirt is a stolen piece you must choose for your closet.

Revamp your fashion game by experiencing new and different fashion items. Reflect your personality with a twist by this elegant and ethereal shirt.


Styling is an integral part of your life, and you must choose your attire carefully. Dress like there is no tomorrow, accordingly for all occasions, casual or formal.

Men must pick the essentials they need for their closet and always experience different styles. Be the trendsetter and let the people follow your style. Captivate attention and let people in your surroundings drool over your wardrobe. Aspire to inspire and be the talk of the town.

If you are looking for the best casual striped shirt, Durins’ Placket got your back with a vast collection for you to choose from. What are you waiting for? Shop your hearts out and be the fashion King.

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